26 June


X- for Wilkinson Xtreme 3

Wilkinson Man sponsored Red Bull Χ-Fighters in Athens

The most prominent universal event in Freestyle Motocross, with the best riders in the world doing awesome tricks in unique locations, was hosted in Athens and was a true killer, figuratively speaking.

On Saturday the 12th of June, the marble quarry in Dionyssos, was turned into a state of the art pit-arena, where the best FMX riders in the world raised the bar of competition to skyrocketing heights.

Wilkinson Man, was there to prove that nothing compares to the X-treme, with its hit Wilkinson X-treme 3 razors. Wilkinson’s stand made a powerful appearance and gathered the dedicated fans of the brand. The visitors to the stand enjoyed the Wilkinson gifts provided in a special goody bag. 7.000 Wilkinson X-treme 3 gifts were shared to the guests.

Ten Wilkinson fans were the elect who enjoyed the excitement of the event as guests of the brand, after winning free passes through a grand competition that was rolled on the brand’s Facebook page.

Clinton Moore was the winner of the “Red Bull X-fighters”, while Thomas Pagès, earned himself the second place. Wilkinson won over everybody with its Wilkinson X-treme 3 razors.