29 June


The 4th Energizer Night Run filled the city of Athens with energy and glow!

On June 20, the streets of Athens were filled with the glow of Energizer head-lights and the energy of 4,000 runners, who participated in the 4th Energizer Night Run, supporting UNICEF.

While it was getting dark, the square in front of the Ancient Agora of Thisio was crowded with the runners, who wearing orange t-shirts and formed a bright heart sending their own love message!

Savas Poubouras, as presenter of the event, transmitted his positive energy to the audience, while dj Teo was entertaining them with his music choices. In the 4th Energizer Night run participated also many celebrities, who joined the other runners and gave their brighter smiles for the children of UNICEF!

Fortis company was responsible for the organization of the Energizer Night run and valuable contributors of the event were also: ΟΠΑΝΔΑ, All About running company, police stations of Athens and Kesariani, Greek Red Cross organization (Samarites team). Finally the event was sponsored by the soft drink Le Ponga, WIND, Korpi natural mineral water, and ADMINE communication company.