4 November


The total of ENERGIZER products transfers to Fortis Trading SA and Mantis Trading SA

Greek companies Fortis Trading SA and Mantis Trading SA, having a long, dynamic and successful presence in the Greek market, are taking charge of the exclusive import, transport, promotion and sale of Energizer’s top and widespread consumer products, such as the Energizer, Wilkinson Sword and Hawaiian Tropic brands in Greece and Cyprus. Energizer is one of the most important companies in its field globally, with a 4.5 billion euro income, offering top quality products to over 120 countries in the world. The strategically important move of the above companies, which is the result of a complete, long-term business plan, comes so as to strengthen their presence in the Greek & Cyprus market, further broadening its high-quality products range that are made available to the Greek consumer public. Mantis Trading SA General Manager Mr. Antonis Kelesis stated the following about the collaboration; “We would like to sincerely thank Energizer Europe and Energizer Hellas for the complete trust they have shown us. Our agreement with Energizer will allow our company to capitalize the value of this truly admirable global company, notably reinforcing our place in the market. Our company, true to its vision for high-quality product distribution, high-quality service and corporate social responsibility in the market, will especially emphasize further development of the brands in Greece and Cyprus on all levels”.

Brief Company Profile for Fortis SA and Mantis Trading SA

Fortis SA and Mantis Trading SA are being active in the trading, transporting and promoting quality consumer products field since 1974. Today, they have developed a strong distribution network in the Greek market and offer a unique portfolio of top multinational brands. Among the most important trading & brand development successes of Mantis, Red Bull Energy Drink, which is the top selling energy drink for the Greek market, and Chipsy chips (PepsiCo Group), the number 1 snacks of the horeca channel, are to be noted. Fortis SA and Mantis Trading SA Overview
  • 124 employees
  • Nationwide organization with sale departments in all distribution channels
  • A 13.360 m2 area of private storehouses and offices, Athens
  • Additional office branches in Thessaloniki, Patra, Heraklion
  • 7.000 clients-end sale points in all Greece
  • 5.260 controlled stores of chain consumer products sale networks
  • 850 directly billed clients (distribution networks, wholesalers) in all Greece
Website: www.mantis.com.gr For more information you can get in touch with: elbabou@mantis.com.gr