Fortis Trading S.A. is among the top distributors of consumer goods in Greece, occupying a leading position in sales, consumer marketing, trade marketing, promotion, as well as innovative product management and distribution services.

The Fortis name is synonymous with huge commercial successes, such as its cooperation with PepsiCo West Balkans for the establishment of the Marbo brand in the HO.RE.CA. channel and, more recently, the exclusive distribution and management of Energizer batteries, Wilkinson razors and Hawaiian Tropic sunscreens in the Greek and Cypriot markets.

Our Services

Fortis Trading S.A. applies an integrated approach to the market through three different marketing service and distribution channels:



This channel consists of 2,647 supermarkets that are controlled on a daily basis via an ultramodern inventory and orders monitoring system. Through these systems, Fortis can monitor shelving (eye level), merchandising, as well as all alternative positions for the products it manages within the supermarkets on a daily basis.



Every day we make an average of 560 deliveries with our ultramodern fleet of 17 privately-owned trucks, and provide our services to 4,000 impulse buyers in Attica and the neighbouring cities through our DSD (direct sales distribution) network. We also collaborate with over 600 wholesalers throughout Greece.



Direct services to points of sale with high product consumption, such as groups of stores, petrol stations, catering companies, sports stores, nightclubs, cafeterias, hotels, duty free shops, fast-food establishments, ships, etc.



Development and management of brand strategies. Effective and innovative design of below and above the line communication plans to support its brands. Planning and effective implementation of promotional actions in the distribution channels, including simultaneous communication with consumers in the stores, while always handling competition with the utmost efficiency and remaining up to date with market trends and consumer habits.



2014 – Fortis Trading S.A. and Mantis Trading S.A. sign an exclusive cooperation agreement for the distribution and management of Energizer, Wilkinson and Hawaiian Tropic products in the Greek and Cypriot markets.

2005 – Cooperation with Marbo Serbia (PepsiCo Group).

2001 – Installation of SAP program.

2001 – Strategic cooperation with Mantis Trading S.A. for the development of its distribution network.

2001 – Establishment of the Fortis Trading S.A. distribution company as a Direct Sales Distribution (DSD) Network.


Our portfolio includes some of the most important and most widely recognised consumer products in the world, and we guarantee their effective development in the Greek market.



Energizer is one of the most recognisable international brands and a world leader in the battery market. Its history goes back to 1896, when it manufactured the first battery. Today the company operates in 50 countries and its products are sold in over 160 countries around the world.

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Wilkinson Sword

After 100 years of experience in the manufacture of swords and weapons, in 1898 Wilkinson made the difference in the global market by manufacturing the first innovative safety razor. From then until today, Wilkinson has grown into one of the most recognisable daily care product brands in the world, making shaving a truly enjoyable experience for the skin.

Wilkinson’s collaboration with Mantis Trading S.A. and Fortis Trading S.A. began in 2014, when the company entrusted us with the exclusive distribution of its products in the Greek market.

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Hawaiian Tropic

HAWAIIAN TROPIC products are the favourite choice of all those who love the sun and a good tan. Inspired by Hawaiians who mix different vegetable oils to smoothen their skin, the company produced and bottled its own mixture, and by 1974 it became so popular that the company began full-scale production of sunscreen products.

In 2014, Mantis Trading S.A. and Fortis Trading S.A. undertook the exclusive distribution of HAWAIIAN TROPIC on the Greek market. Our goal is to ensure that all sun lovers in every part of Greece, from the smallest island to the most crowded beach, gets a perfect tan.

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Fortis Trading S.A. began collaborating with Marbo Product D.O.O in 2005. The challenge was to place Chipsy chips in the HO.RE.CA. channel in the Greek market – a market that was mature enough for the snack sector, and particularly for chips.

Through strategic moves and a carefully designed marketing plan, Marbo became the top chips brand with an increase in its volume of sales in 2014 that reached 789 tons compared to its first year on the Greek market. The brand’s success continued in 2015 with a further increase in sales.



#kanetotrelo and drink a LE PONGA lemonade, orangeade or lemon-lime soft drink… or all three! Now also available in two new flavours, tonic and soda water. .

But what is LE PONGA? It is a Greek soft drink made especially for those of you who are crazy about life and want to do good in their own crazy way!

LE PONGA is produced in Serres with a lot of colours, triangles and craziness, and it comes in a bottle that has been tested in the toughest conditions (bungee jumping, bottle fights, etc.) so that it can meet your high demands.

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